Q88 tablet review for the 7-inch Android Tagital tablet

Q88 tablet review for the 7-inch Android Tagital tablet

Being rather cheap, the Q88 tablet in review with 7.0 inch screen seems perfect for children. We have used it every day to check out its performance and reliability. Bottom line, it’s a great value for the price. It performs exactly as you would expect from a $60 tablet. It was tested with WiFi, moving to all rooms of the house with a good enough signal to surf online. Video streaming services such as YouTube work kind of slowly, as they do on many of the tablets reviewed in this price range. But if watching videos is not a priority, it’s a good really cheap tablet.

Q88 tablet design

Q88 tablet review back

It’s not especially pretty, with a plastic back that seems kind of cheap. Also, the camera suggests a permanent landscape position as do the buttons. it seems like the tablet was designed to work in this position and turning it to portrait position seems inappropriate.

Q88 tablet battery

Battery life is kind of short, of only about 1 hour. But if you are planning on giving it to your kids, can use it like that without remorse. You can just have it next a power cord all the time.

Q88 capacity

It has a built-in storage of about 4 GB, which means you can store about 1000 songs or approximately 6 movies on it. It’s plenty of space for games, and if you want more you can always extend the memory with an SD card up to 32 GB.


The tablet comes equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G support (with a separate USB dongle). So it’s quite enough to connect it to the internet wherever you are and transfer files from and to the computer. There is no GPS, but you could have expected that given the price.

Q88 tablet screen

Q88 tablet review screen

It has a standard 7 inch screen, which is multi-touch. You can use up to 5 fingers at a time to browse. Initially you may face little problem adjusting with the touch screen of the device, but, within short time, you will get used to it.  The resolution is not so great, but at 800×480 you can still view movies (not HD), play games and even read books, without too much trouble. The picture quality is very crispy, and touch screen responsiveness is also okay. The viewing angles aren’t bad either.


The camera is only for online conferences. You can take pictures with it, but the results will be the same as those made with the webcam you have attached to your laptop or computer. But it works well in Skype and that’s about all you need.

Q88 tablet review price

When this Q88 tablet review was done, the price was about $60. Considering you are getting a fully fledged Android-powered tablet, it’s a good deal. Also, if your kids manage to break it, you won’t feel as bad as you would if they dropped a $499 tablet.

Q88 tablet review wrap-Up

If you’re planning on buying an entry-level tablet, for your children or home entertainment, the Q88 tablet 7 inch has great value for the money you’re going to spend.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a really cheap tablet and it certainly looks like one, but if you’re planning on using it for mundane tasks like playing games, watching videos and listen to some music this tablet does it all, for the price of an MP3 player.