Panasonic GF5 review

Panasonic GF5 review

This Panasonic GF5 review will try to take you through some of the most important features of the new Panasonic LUMIX GF5 and how the camera manages to rise to current standards.

So let see if the Panasonic GF5 in review here has what it takes.

The GF5 is the fourth installation in Panasonic’s range of GF’ Micro Four Thirds cameras. The differences between the GF5 and its predecessor, the GF3, are relatively few, and we want to know if they’ll prove significant enough to tempt GF3 photographers to upgrade. Panasonic tries to make the new camera more attractive to compact upgraders rather than the GF3 users.

Panasonic GF5 review size and Design

Panasonic Lumix DMC

The GF5‘s LCD screen is now 920,000 dots, which matches the best-in class, and means that everything from menu navigation to image composition just looks sharper. The touchscreen interface has a lot of tweaks and improvements. The addition of a physical button for ‘Display’ on the back of the camera means the GF5 doesn’t need to have any virtual buttons impeding your view as you are taking photos.

Panasonic GF5 Photos

The GF3 was not that well received by photo enthusiasts when it launched. This was because it tried to reposition the GF series as a super-point-and-shoot, rather than an enthusiast’s camera, like GF1. With the benefit of this context, the GF5’s role is clear – to put large-sensor image quality into the hands of people looking to upgrade from a compact camera.

With this in mind, Panasonic is pushing a kit that bundles the GF5 with an extremely compact retractable power zoom lens. The combination is impressively small for a camera that offers DSLR capabilities and is the closest any mirrorless camera comes to being pocketable.

Auto-focus performance is extremely fast. This is one area where Panasonic GF still holds a comfortable lead over competitors. Rapid-fire shooting in the Single drive mode started blazing fast, providing just 0.6 seconds between each shot.


The quality of the video that the Panasonic GF5 in review can produce is astonishing considering its small size. The stereo microphone is much improved from the previous models, and while it’s still susceptible to some wind noise, and doesn’t do as good a job as an external microphone will, it’s more than good enough for recording a normal conversation or for providing a bit of atmosphere for your home movies.

Panasonic Gf5 review Wrap-Up


The Panasonic GF5 review reveals that the camera is expensive, at about $700, but comparisons show that, when the GF5’s paired with its bulkier zoom lens (and cheaper) it goes for way less. This puts the camera on a level playing field for both size and price with other competitors in the market. Then again, the GF5’s compactness is superior and the video quality is great.

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